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This is indicative of my programme for 2015-16. However, I am always pleased for clients to pick and mix from the menu below, and happy to design particular day or half-day sessions tailored to specific requirements. 

Much fuller details of the workshops in the list below are included in my ‘workshop prospectus’ which can be downloaded here. Workshops Prospectus 2015-16 (338). However, here is a chance to see the full range on one page, colour coded as follows:
green = full day (e.g. 0930-1600);
blue = half-day only (e.g. 0930-1200).

  1. Masterclass: Making Learning Happen in the Digital age – a full-day masterclass, aimed at experienced staff,  focussing on learning, feedback, assessment and teaching in the context of the present time, addressing ‘what are lecturers for?’ in an age where the best content can often be found online and free to all. (Please see separate web page for more details).
  2. How students really learn –  addressing seven factors underpinning successful learning.
  3. Smarter feedback – and feed-forward – half-day workshop on giving better feedback to more students in less time!
  4. Towards assessment as learning – half-day workshop on making assessment more valid, reliable, transparent, authentic, inclusive – and manageable!
  5. Smarter lectures – half-day workshop on making learning happen in large-group settings, now linking to MOOCs (massive open online courses) and the changed picture of what lectures are now for.
  6. Making small-group teaching work – half-day workshop on getting students working together and learning from each other.
  7. What can I do when? Problem-solving workshop.
  8. Preparing for HEA Fellowship: - a full day workshop on drafting paperwork for the ‘experienced-staff’ route to PFHEA, SFHEA and FHEA. (Not in Prospectus, as I negotiate the format of this workshop with each client). 

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