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Assessment, learning and teaching in higher education


This is indicative of my programme for 2013-14. However, I am always pleased for clients to pick and mix from the menu below, and happy to design particular day or half-day sessions tailored to specific requirements. 

Much fuller details of the workshops in the list below are included in my ‘workshop prospectus’ which can be downloaded here. Workshops Prospectus 2013-14 (1753). However, here is a chance to see the full range on one page, colour coded as follows:
red = full day (e.g. 0915-1600);
blue = half-day only (e.g. 0915-1230).

  1. Making Learning Happen – a full-day masterclass, aimed at experienced staff,  focussing on learning, feedback, assessment and teaching, including the main parts of (3), (5) and (6) below, along with a creative problem-solving exercise for participants.
  2. Getting Published – full day workshop on getting going with your writing and maximising your hit rate with editors, referees and publishers. This workshop focuses on drafting from scratch an outline of a new piece of writing, and then working up the plan and gaining feedback from fellow-participants.
  3. Smarter feedback – and feed-forward – half-day workshop on giving better feedback to more students in less time!
  4. Towards assessment as learning – half-day workshop on making assessment more valid, reliable, transparent, authentic, inclusive – and manageable!
  5. Smarter lectures – half-day workshop on making learning happen in large-group settings, now linking to MOOCs (massive open online courses) and the changed picture of what lectures are now for.
  6. Making small-group teaching work – half-day workshop on getting students working together and learning from each other.
  7. Designing and running training workshops – half-day or full day workshop on getting workshops going and keeping participants happy!
  8. Making learning outcomes work – half-day workshop on learning outcomes and their links to evidence of achievement and assessment.
  9. Designing MCQs and feedback responses – a half-day workshop on writing multiple-choice questions for online or paper-based use, focusing particularly on designing useful responses to ‘correct’ options and ‘distractors’.

Written by Phil

10 May, 2013 at 10:51 am