Archived bits

Module Design Questionnaire
This remains ‘under development’. It allows people working in threes to ‘interrogate’ the design of a module, with a scorer marking (silently) out of 100 marks altogether. This caused really deep debates about module structure on its uses so far. Feedback on the questions much appreciated. Module design questionnaire (2349 downloads)

Peer observation of lecturing
I know there are lots of proformas around, but here’s my attempt to invent a new one. Note that this proforma specifically addresses ‘a lecture’, and not just ‘teaching sessions’ broadly. I have strong reservations about those broad forms which attempt to address all sorts of teaching-learning contexts, but fail to focus adequately on the specific features of any particular context. I may in due course have a go at trying to compile a suite of different proformas, each aiming to give really useful peer-review (and indeed self-review) on different kinds of teaching-learning context. Thanks to many colleagues on the SEDA and NTF jiscmail lists who have already given feedback – and particularly Gaye Manwaring, whose suggestions helped to put the form into a more logical order. proforma (2164 downloads)