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Please note that all downloads on my website are free. If anyone tries to charge you for them, don’t pay, but let me know by emailing me (email address under the photo on all pages).

This page contains the further download materials which I normally leave on the site permanently, and update from time to time. Please go to the Home page (containing new posts), and ‘archive of older posts’ for individual materials from particular events at individual universities or colleges, which I normally leave up only for a limited time.

About downloading my materials
It’s interesting that many more people seem to download my slides from workshops, and handout materials, than were actually at the relevant sessions I ran. Extra people are welcome to download my slides, but remember…’Knowledge is experience – everything else is just information (Albert Einstein) … if you’re downloading the slides from a session you did not attend, you do indeed get some of the information  (and for free), but people employed me for the experience my participants got – not just for the information. At my workshops, it’s the discussion around and between the slides that is actually more important. I put up the slides on my website primarily as an aide memoire for those who were present, to remind them of what we were thinking about during the sessions.

‘Ripples’ model of seven factors underpinning successful learning
I continue to develop these slides, and you can see them in those I post for many of my workshops on the home page. The 3rd edition (2014) is now wholly built around how we can address these factors in practical ways in our teaching.

Smarter Lectures: a collection
This is a compendium of things I’ve written myself, and with Sally Brown and Ruth Pickford, on large group teaching. The materials date from 2002-7. Throughout, the emphasis is on what we get students to do during lectures, as well as on our own actions. (1678 downloads)

Compendium on Feedback
A collection of my writing on feedback, from my latest two books. Feedback-extracts-for-Tweetchat.docx (3762 downloads)  There’s a lot more on the ‘Assessment’ page of this website.

Making Small-Group Teaching Work
This is my disc version of Chapter 4 of the 3rd edition (2006) of ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’, and I usually issue this as a handout for some of the exercises I use in my workshops on small-group teaching. Extracts-from-Chapter-4-from-the-Lecturers-Toolkit-handout.doc (1907 downloads) . You might also like a little booklet I produced with the Teacher Fellows of Leeds Beckett University a while ago Making-personal-tutoring-work-2.pdf (1318 downloads)

Workshops that Work
Here is a download of the book ‘Workshops that Work’ which I wrote with Tom Bourner and Viv Martin for McGraw Hill some years ago, but which is now out of print. I hope you will find that many of the ideas in our book are still relevant today  Workshops_that_work-1.pdf (1558 downloads)

How to Win as an Open Learner
I originally wrote this in the 1980s for the Council for Educational Technology, revised it in the 1990s for the National Council for Educational Technology (both of which have ceased to exist meanwhile). I wrote this new version a couple of years ago, free to anyone who would like to use it. htwol_3rd_edition.pdf (1158 downloads)

Phil’s Conference Guidelines
I wrote this some years ago, and it has been used by many conferences to send to delegates and chairs. Please feel free to adapt it for your conference. (1136 downloads)