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Following the problem experienced in October 2016 when my site had to be moved, links to many of my older downloads were lost and ‘download not found’ will appear on your screen. If there’s anything particular you want, please email or Tweet me, and I’ll do my best to reinstate such a download.

Workshops Prospectus 2016  Phil-Race-Workshops-2016-w.docx (1947 downloads)

‘Ripples’ model: seven factors underpinning successful learning Chapter 1 of Lecturer’s Toolkit: Chapter-1-from-Toolkit.docx (3268 downloads)  Newer version of slides: April 2016   ripples10w-1.pptx (6930 downloads)

‘In at the Deep End: Arabic translation’
I wrote this booklet for new lecturers while working part-time at Leeds Met, who also organised a translation into Arabic. You can download the translation here: Arabic-translation-of-in-at-the-deep-end.pdf (902 downloads) . Here also is the English version In-at-the-Deep-End.pdf (2512 downloads)

Compendium of my writings on assessment
Please see separate page on ‘assessment’ which contains several chunks of my related publications. Here however is the main download:  Assessment-digest-w-1.docx (3997 downloads)

Making learning outcomes work
Here (again) is my little piece on learning outcomes. Thanks to many readers of this site who have given me really useful feedback on it. (3123 downloads)