Archived downloads

Archived downloads
This page includes a range of bits and pieces, not least the ‘statements’ exercise (slides and handout) which I still use in workshops.

Designing Workshops
This booklet on the design of training workshops was commissioned by TechDis, and is freely available from the TechDis website, and on their Resources CD. I’ve put it up here too, to make it available more widely. DesigningWorkshops.pdf (303 downloads)

Designing Multiple-Choice Questions
This PowerPoint file has the ‘Content Free Test’ which I use in my workshops. Many thanks to Gaye Manwaring from the University of Dundee for finding that the source of the exercise was: Conners, B , (1983) Assessment of Students in Distance Education, James Cook University. The discussion slides which follow the ‘test’ are mine. (369 downloads)

A slide sequence I often use when trying to persuade colleagues not to use the word ‘understanding’ in intended learning outcomes. (295 downloads)

A relaxation exercise ‘Serenity’ was given to me by Andrew Ferguson, one of my British Safety Council Delegates, and I now use the exercise to help workshop participants relax before I give them ‘exams’! (239 downloads)

The ‘Statements’ exercise
This is the version of the exercise which I often use in my workshops, particularly for helping participants to think about the importance of making sure that words convey intended meanings. (274 downloads)  The ‘Statements’ exercise: slides These are the slides I usually use along with the ‘Statements’ exercise. statements.ppt (268 downloads)

Handouts of PowerPoint slides
This short download presents reasons against issuing paper copies of PowerPoint slides. (279 downloads)

Self, Peer and Group Assessment
A booklet I wrote for the former LTSN Generic Centre, also still available from the Higher Education Academy website. Self_peer_and_group_assessment.pdf (301 downloads)

Assessment: A Guide for Students
Another booklet I wrote for the former LTSN Generic Centre, also still available from the Higher Education Academy website.  Assessment_guide_for_students.pdf (269 downloads)

Using Feedback to help students to learn
This is a short discussion paper which I wrote for the (then) ILTHE some while ago, which can still be found on the HEA website, but I’ve put it here too for convenience. Note however that the SEDA link is now out of date. For anyone who needs to know how to reference this, probably best say ‘first published on the website of the ILTHE in 2002’.  Using_feedback.pdf (384 downloads)

Getting Published
Two handouts Sally and I use for our ‘Getting Published’ workshops. (237 downloads) (214 downloads)