Helping students give presentations

The handout material you can download here is based on material I wrote some years ago, which appeared in ‘How to Study’ published by Blackwell in 2003. I’ve updated it a bit by removing reference to overhead transparencies. You may find it useful to adapt this to use as material to help your students with presentations (or even to give you the odd extra idea for your own). presentations (489 downloads)

Helping students write better reports

The short handout you can download here is a summary of one of the tales I tell at many of my workshops, about how to use a whole-class lecture slot to help students to write better practical reports. The idea can be extended to helping students to write better essays, reflective notes, and many other coursework elements. You;re welcome to use the ideas. All feedback gratefully received. report writing (365 downloads)

University of Hull: 28th June

Sorry not to put these slides up earlier – my journey home took seven hours, arriving just before midnight. Fine as far as York, but packed train thereafter (no chance of working on this train)delayed by two hours due to flooding near Newcastle, then with Metro cancelled and no taxis in Newcastle I ended up getting the only bus running home, which took a further two hours to my street due to entirely gridlocked traffic. ! I’ve strung all the main slides into a single (big!) file, not in the order in which we used them, as I dipped and dived into various presentations during the day. Great working with you all. University of Hull (330 downloads)

Holiday in France

On 14th June I’m going to Leeds, then on the 15th off on the ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge, then on holiday in France until the 27th. After this, I’m working in Hull on the 28th, and travelling around working in several parts of the UK till July 9th. I am unlikely to pick up emails or phone messages while in France, so please bear with me if I’m slow in replying then.

Thanet College, Broadstairs: 25th May

Great working with you today. Now at Kings Cross, half-way (in time) home on trains. Here are the main slides we used today (minus the pictures and links). Sadly taxi didn’t turn up, but I legged it to the station in time for the 1559, which was exactly on time. It was really good to see Broadstairs for the first time – I hope you’ll ask me back. Thanet (309 downloads)

Dr Sally Brown

I’m delighted to say that Sally’s award of PhD by Published Works was confirmed yesterday. You might like to email her with congrats by going to her website,  There’s lots of good stuff on her website. I am of course very proud of my wife’s achievement.

UWE: 26th April

Here are the main slides I used in my keynote, minus the links and pictures. You were a great audience, thanks. UWE (410 downloads) . I enjoyed all of your sessions, thanks, particularly the one on feedback and feedforward, and on talking students online through the answers to past exam questions, illustrating how exactly to go about answering them where necessary. There’s excellent practice around at UWE.