UWE: 26th April

Here are the main slides I used in my keynote, minus the links and pictures. You were a great audience, thanks. UWE (662 downloads) . I enjoyed all of your sessions, thanks, particularly the one on feedback and feedforward, and on talking students online through the answers to past exam questions, illustrating how exactly to go about answering them where necessary. There’s excellent practice around at UWE.

Updated ‘ripples model’

I’ve updated the PowerPoint file which shows the development of the ‘ripples model’ of learning, with some new slides added. Now it should download more easily, directly as a PowerPoint file, without the hassle of zipped folders, as my website software no longer needs these. Ripples model seven factors (28944 downloads) . This is written up as Chapter 2 of the 2nd (2010) edition of ‘Making Learning Happen’. If you would like to book me to go through this live at your institution, please email me.

‘How to do Uni’

What key advice is needed by 6th-formers and others preparing to start University? I’ve added a page of brief suggestions to the ‘for students’ part of this website, accessible using the link at the right-hand side. I’m particularly looking for feedback on these suggestions, and (even better) for more ideas to go there.

Northumbria Students’ Conference: 21st February

Here are the main slides we used in my session. I took out the pictures and links which would have made the file far too big. The slides are in PowerPoint 2007 in a zipped folder. Great working with you – best of luck in your forthcoming assignments. Northumbria slides (658 downloads)
I was very impressed with your draft assignments on helping 6th formers to prepare for University – so you inspired me to have a go to produce a simple one-pager with the same mission, which you can download here: How to do Uni (631 downloads) . I was also very heartened by some feedback from you which Kay sent on to me – you can see that here too feedback (662 downloads) .