Welcome to my website, which is about assessment, feedback, learning and teaching in higher education. I hope you find it really useful and interesting. In its own way, this website can be regarded as an open educational resource, and my intention is to make as many as possible of my ideas and tips available to anyone who can benefit from them.

The ‘Home‘ page is essentially a blog, with short comments about where I am and what I’m doing, and with links to downloads of slides and handouts from my most recent workshops and keynotes. As time passes, things slip down off the bottom of this page, but I leave most things in ‘older posts’ which can be accessed at the bottom of the page. You can also use the ‘search’ control way down on the right-hand menu to find things, e.g. by place or topic.

TwitterEach post can be Tweeted if you want to share it (or disagree with it of course). There’s a Twitter link at the end of each post. You can also see what I’m Tweeting about on the right-hand menu.

The rest of the website is intended to be longer-term, and normally I leave things there for as long as they may be useful.

Although I’m just-about retired now, the ‘available dates’ page gives information about when I’m bookable for the odd keynote or half-day workshop, to spare clients from the nuisance of trying to book me when I’m already booked or on holiday.

On the various pages accessible from the right-hand-side of your screen, you can access a range of things related to assessment, learning, feedback and teaching in higher and futher education. Several of the pages contain downloads, which you’re welcome to use in your work. Most of the older downloads are ‘zip’ files of PowerPoint presentations or Word documents (including significant chunks of several of my books). More recently, the downloads are no longer zip files. There are also pdf files of various other documents. Do let me know if you have any difficulty downloading these files, and if necessary email me on phil@phil-race.co.uk so I can send you particular files directly.

Please contact me by email or Twitter (@RacePhil)
I’m hardly ever sitting near my landline in Newcastle (and we hardly ever actually answer our home phone, as it’s beset with all sorts of unsolicited calls about things we don’t want!), and my mobile phone is usually switched off when I’m travelling or running sessions or keynotes. Where a phone chat is really necessary I arrange a time by email and answer the landline then. My email address is at the top right of all pages on this site, but often the fastest way to get to me is via Twitter.