Race(s) for the future

Sally and I are delighted to see the first photograph of our new tiny grandchildren Chloe (on the left) and Molly Race (on the right) in a cot together, in Swansea, breathing by themselves and looking quite happy with themselves. We will be going to see them again tomorrow for a couple of days, en route to our penultimate Chloe and Mollysummer working day at Birkbeck on Thursday.

Getting students to learn from feedback we give their friends

We often bemoan the tendency for students to seem not to benefit sufficiently from the feedback we give them on their work. In this little extract from ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’ I suggest that they can learn much more from looking at the feedback we give their friends.
‘Encourage students to look at the feedback their friends get. When they see praise, they’re likely to think ‘ah, I can do this too’ rather than just shrug it off (as they might have done with feedback on their own work). When they see criticism, they’re likely to think ‘Ah, this is something I should avoid’, rather than get defensive as they might have done with their own feedback. It’s important, however, that students look at each others’ feedback ‘voluntarily’, i.e. with fellow-students of their own choice, rather than risk them feeling ‘set up’.’

Facilitating and Assessing Group Work: University of South Wales 21st June


I’m delighted to be asked back to USW Faculty of Creative Industries to give a keynote on ‘Assessing Group Work’.   Here is my chapter on group work from ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’ (which was virtually unchanged in the 2015 4th edition) Making small-group teaching work (359 downloads) . Also downloadable here is Graham Gibbs’ excellent paper on ‘The assessment of group work’ published by the ASKe CETL in 2009 groupwork-gibbs-dec-09.pdf (41 downloads) . Here now are the main slides I actually used at the keynote:  USW-June-2016-w.pptx (37 downloads) Troublesome train journey back home: train turned back round just short of Derby, and dumped us all back at Birmingham (and went on South to Guildford!), where we were left to the mercy of heaving, late trains North. Arrived at Newcastle over 3 hours late!

UCLAN 18th, 19th, 25th May and 8th June

Here are the main slides from the eight workshops I led on ‘Optimising Assessment and Feedback’. I’ve transcribed the ‘if only…’ post-its from the first six, and will do the rest next week, so you can see where we started from, and updated the slides to include things addressed in the last two workshops. Thanks for being great groups to work with. I look forward to returning to Preston on 6th July.  Preston-2016-13w.pptx (130 downloads) Both discussions on 8th June got into more detail than before, so the slides cover things we did not have time to go into – I do hope these are useful to everyone.

Lecture Capture versus Lecture Napture?

Here’s a first draft of my little opinion piece on this. Many thanks to those who Tweeted comments this morning – some of which I’ve included verbatim. More feedback really appreciated please. Lecture-Capture-w.docx (175 downloads)
Since posting this, I am really grateful to several  people for detailed comments on how lecture capture can be used well by students, including Matt Cornock at the University of York who draws attention to research he is doing there with students,
please see https://elearningyork.wordpress.com/2015/11/13/research-update-lecture-capture-at-york/ which is causing me to adjust my own take on the topic, and see the benefits which can be achieved by lecture capture.

Helping students develop resilience?

I was pleased to see David Matthews’ piece in this week’s Higher about ‘Character Education’ and the work of Carol Dweck. link here: http://tinyurl.com/zree7tg

Way back when I worked at Leeds Met (now Leeds Beckett University) as part of work to help students to develop resilience I helped some students prepare a glossy little booklet using resilience case studies which you can download from the following link: http://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/publications/files/091124-36595_Book_of_Resilience_LoRes.pdf

At that time I also wrote a study skills guide for new students, which can be accessed from this link: leedsbeckett.ac.uk/…/100201_36648_LearnWithLeedsMet2_WEB.pdf