TEF on a single sheet! 22nd June

Today, the Times Higher published online the TEF results (in a table of “TEF results 2017: gold, silver or bronze? HEIs and alternative providers with university title”. So far, the press coverage we have seen or heard is mostly about some institutions feeling unfairly treated, rather than about those who have done well celebrating. It is interesting to note where institutions with the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 (which did not inform the TEF) best scores lie in the new table. Whether the metrics really measure ‘teaching excellence’ is of course a matter for some debate! Sally and I thought it might be useful to have a compact version where all the information could be on a two-sided sheet (if your printer will cope with narrow margins), so here is a version which you can download and print, or look at online.  TEF-table-4a.docx (90 downloads) . For more detail please go to the original on:


Newcastle University Business School: 21st June

It was a real pleasure to return to my original university to run two half-day workshops on learning, feedback, assessment and lecturing. (Photo of one of the fine views from the 8th floor)

The workshops were supposed to be repeats, but of course were not, as different groups asked different questions to which I responded. Therefore the main slides which you can download here will contain things one or other group didn’t do, so please look carefully at those slides – and better still, get a colleague who attended the other workshop to talk you through them, so that they learn by verbalising.  Newcastle-Business-School-2017-w.pptx (60 downloads)

Solstice Conference: Edge Hill University: 5th June

Thoroughly enjoyed Day 1 of the Conference – thanks to all whose sessions I attended. Here are the main slides from my concluding keynote:  reinventing-assessment-15-2017-Solstice-w.pptx (107 downloads) . A transcript of most of your wonderful responses to the post-it task is now here: Solstice-Post-its.docx (70 downloads) . Here are two more post-its which escaped the main batch when I transcribed them, but are very relevant… Assessment needs reinventing now because: (1) it doesn’t assess people’s competence of ability from an employability perspective and (2) We are always complaining about assessment overload, but still setting the same assessments (and children are taught differently than we were). Thanks for being a great audience.

Edge Hill University

I am delighted to announce that I have been given the title of Visiting Professor within the Centre for Learning and Teaching, at Edge Hill University – and so indeed has Sally!
I am also delighted that we are visiting Edge Hill next week for the Solstice Conference, and look forward to working closely with the University.

Lectures and learning

On a cool, damp Bank holiday I set myself the task of extracting things from the respective chapters on lecturing in the 3rd edition of ‘Making Learning Happen’ and the 4th edition of ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’, to make the main ideas more accessible to anyone who might benefit from them. The resulting download is here:  Phil-on-lectures.docx (789 downloads)

University of Worcester: 17th May

Here are the main slides we used at today’s workshop. Thanks for being such a great group, and allowing me to boss you around and keep you to time!  We covered a great deal I think, and I hope your afternoon planning meeting went really well.  Thanks for all the Tweets too. Also, special thanks to Helen who organised it all, and to Nicole who booked my travel and accommodation so effectively. It was a pleasure to visit (very wet) Worcester – I think the rain is on its way North now!
Do raid my website for anything else which helps you make assessment and feedback work well for students and for yourselves. Towards-assessment-as-learning-Worcester-2017-W-.pptx (169 downloads)

RGU Aberdeen: Learning and Teaching Conference: 3rd May

Great being in Aberdeen on a gloriously sunny day for this conference. Here are the main slides I used in my keynote.  Thanks for being such a warm audience. Looking forward now to joining in to the rest of the conference.  Towards-assessment-as-learning-RGU-2017-W.pptx (132 downloads)

Here also are all the replies to ‘Making assessment and feedback work more effectively and efficiently for myself and my students would be much better if only I…’  LTC-17-Keynote-Exercise-Phil-Race.docx (111 downloads)