University of Nottingham: 19th April

It was a great pleasure to be at your Teaching and Learning conference today – you were a fantastic group thanks. I’ve put a link to the main slides I used here (including the ones you didn’t see, which are the rest of the story).  Nottingham-2018-w.pptx (150 downloads) I’m also putting a link to the Word version of the colourful slide you saw about HEA Fellowships.  grid-2018-w.docx (144 downloads)
The post-it answers included ‘if I had more time’ but I think you’ll now know that it’s not a matter of how much time one has, but what one does in it – often something else.

Myerscough College, 23rd March

Great being with you today and working on ‘Making Engagement Happen’. You were a lovely group to work with, many thanks. I hope you’ll agree we were all engaged all morning. Here are the main slides we used today:  Myerscough-2018-w.pptx (149 downloads) . No Tweets from you today, but I think this was because we couldn’t as the Wifi system didn’t allow it, and there was no phone signal?

Coventry University: 14th-15th March

Great to work with you over two days on reinventing feedback and feedforward for the 21st Century. There are so many strengths at Coventry University, (as the Radio 4 broadcast on Tuesday evening amply demonstrated) and I look forward to seeing how you pick up and run with some of the ideas from these workshops. I’m also for interest adding a Word document I made from the nicely provocative material on ‘Educational Research Myths’ I mentioned. The main slides I used in the two sessions are downloadable here (including some I didn’t use with you as time was tight), not necessarily in the order in which we worked with them.  Coventry-2018-w.pptx (153 downloads)   educational-myths.docx (176 downloads)

NTF 2018: Updated slides for aspirant National Teaching Fellows and supporters

There was a very successful webinar yesterday with 26 participants on NTF 2018, led by Peter Hartley, Helen May and Sally Brown, which replaced the planned session at Edinburgh Napier University, which had to be cancelled with the University closed due to adverse weather conditions.
Various issues cropped up both in the planning of, and during the webinar, which necessitated some clarification of the HEA position by Helen May, and Peter Hartley also provided a really useful mindmap, so this version of the slides is the the updated one, with three new slides inserted after Peter’s mindmap. We hope you find these useful.  ANTF-presentation-w3.pptx (171 downloads)
It is also planned to hold a second webinar on Tuesday 13th March, 10am-11am, subject to confirmation, so I will confirm this when I can.

Workshops for aspiring National Teaching Fellows, 2018

Sally Brown, and other members of the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows, in conjunction with the HEA, are presenting a series of free workshops around the UK on the revised National Teaching Fellowship scheme for 2018, for aspirants and supporters. The latest versions of the slides, expanded after the webinar on 1st March,  for these events can be downloaded here:  ANTF-presentation-w3.pptx (171 downloads)
Events will be held at: (note some alterations due to adverse weather conditions!)

Leeds Beckett University (Now March 22nd)
Birmingham Newman University (March 1st)
Edinburgh Napier University (Now webinar instead on March 2nd)
University of Bath (Now March 9th)
University of Bournemouth (March 5th)
Ulster University, Belfast (March 7th)
Manchester Metropolitan University (March 8th)
University of South Wales Newport campus (March 9th)
University of Hertfordshire (March 9th)
Newcastle University (March 23rd)
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (March 28th)
City University, London (March 28th)

Please download the word document, showing full details of these events, and if you wish to attend one of these, please contact the person taking bookings direct at whichever location.  NTFsupport-events-2018-1-page.docx (139 downloads)

Feedback and Feedforward – Just the tips! (including for students)

Successful feedback/feed-forward needs to be a dialogue, not just a monologue from tutors, so helping students make the most of feedback is an essential part of the picture.
There are already big downloads on this website of my published writings on feedback and assessment, and they’ve been well used. However, in the link attached, I’ve separated out the ‘pure tips’, and at my last workshop used a handout of this 4-pager as an ‘on your table’ document (the ‘what’), so the discussion could centre around processes (the ‘how’) for making feedback work better – and the reasons (the ‘why’) we need to change things.  Phil-feedback-tips-3.docx (358 downloads)

University of Glasgow: Adam Smith Business School: 7th February

Great to be with you today. Thanks to Angela who arranged everything. Here are the  main slides I used (minus pictures and videos): but can you spot the slides I didn’t show you? Also, for those present only for the 2nd part of the workshop, please see the slides at the start of the first part, for other information and downloads.  Glasgow-2018-w.pptx (166 downloads) . Also great to have David Nicol there all day, to learn from his expertise and experience particularly of feedback.