Scotland e-assessment Conference: Dundee: 23rd August

Here are the main slides I used in my short workshop about designing MCQs. Dundee (659 downloads)  Here are the responses to ‘Designing MCQs would be much better for me if only I …’ MCQs: 'if only' responses (579 downloads) – a great set, thanks.
As time ran out, we didn’t get round to the formulation of recommendations – but that can be done just as easily through Twitter. Please send me one or more Tweets with your own recommendations. I had a great conference, and very much enjoyed everyone else’s contributions. Many thanks to David Walker and all the team who organised the conference.
Peter Hartley and I did a radio interview at the conference with John Johnston, which you can (if you don’t mind me criticising Michael Gove) hear on this link:
Or, better, you may well find it interesting to hear Sally’s interview at: