Plymouth University: 10-11th October

Here are the main slides I used in our morning workshop on 10th October on ‘Designing good assessment questions’ (prefaced by the slides on the Curriculum Enrichment Project) Good assessment questions (559 downloads) . The slides are not always in the same order as we used them of course. As always, of course, the slides are just ‘the slides’. In many ways, these are the least important aspect of these sessions. It’s what we did, said, argued about and shared that are the most important aspects. Students who miss a lecture but then get the slides are never able to benefit as much as those who were there.
Here are the slides used in the afternoon workshop on 10th October on ‘Involving Students in their own assessment’ involving students (513 downloads) , and the ‘Assessment Agency Table’ as a word document Assessment agency table (473 downloads) . I would love to have had time to do a bit more on peer assessment, but the double-booking intervened. I will offer a further workshop entirely on peer assessment on a future visit.

Here are the slides I used in my session for Associate Lecturers Associate Lecturer slides (528 downloads) . I hope this helps you to enjoy your work with students all the more.