Inclusive assessment, etc.

‘Responding to diversity and widening participation’ which was Chapter 8 in the 2005 edition of ‘Making Learning Happen’ is not included in the new 3rd edition (2014). This  is partly because the topic of inclusive learning has grown so much, and really needs a book of its own nowadays, and partly because I expanded the discussion of assessment so much in the third edition. Therefore it was agreed that this chapter from the 2nd edition (slightly abridged) should be freely available, probably on the Sage website linked to the third edition in due course, but meanwhile on my website. MLH 2005 Ch.8 (763 downloads) .

For greater depth I am pleased to recommend ‘Towards Inclusive Learning in Higher Education: developing curricula for disabled students: Mike Adams and Sally Brown (2006), Abingdon: Routledge’, which is available as a kindle book now too.