Bournemouth University: November 19th and 20th

Here are the main slides I used. The two groups were very different on the 19th and 20th, and we got through quite a lot more on the latter. The slides here are composite, and include slides that one group saw and the other didn’t. As I explained, I ran the feedback workshop in a different order on the two days, and present the slides as used on the 20th, to demonstrate to participants present on the 19th that I wasn’t ‘leading the witnesses’.

For the assessment workshop, I’ve also inserted the ‘long’ version of the discussion on validity, reliability, etc, which you can use with the sheet I issued to self-rate a particular assessment of your own (I’ve also described how to do this in the 2nd and 3rd editions of ‘Making Learning Happen’). I’ve also posted the HEA 2012 slides, which I whizzed through on the final afternoon, but now you can use them to think about what we need to do to make assessment a lot better. I particularly enjoyed working with you on the 20th. Bournemouth feedback (575 downloads) , Towards assessment as learning (675 downloads) , HEA 2012 slides (575 downloads) .