Central College Nottingham: 5th January

Here are the main slides I used, minus the pictures and links, and not always in the order in which I used them Central College Nottingham (568 downloads) . I’ve inserted the QAA B6 slides too. Here also is the great 2004 paper by Geoff Scott on institutional change Geoff Scott's Paper (412 downloads) . I’ve also added a paper on ‘Getting Students Engaged’ Getting Students Engaged paper (593 downloads) .

Please use the ‘search’ function at the right hand side of the website using ‘joughin’ to get to Gordon Joughin’s booklet about oral assessment, and ‘NUS’ to get to their benchmarking tool for assessment and feedback, and ‘observation’ to get to my peer observation booklet. Thanks to Simon for lift to the station, where I just caught a train to Chesterfield then onward to Newcastle. You were a great group to work with – hope to see you again.