University of Utrecht: 26th and 27th January

Sally and I are delighted to be working in Utrecht again, and are being well looked after on our visit. Here are the main slides I used in my two workshops on feedback, where I have updated the slides to include the differences between the two workshops, where I altered the order to ‘lead the witnesses’ on the 26th, and to ‘start from your experience’ on the 27th.   Utrecht2 (624 downloads)
There were not enough of you to have a workshop on small-group teaching, but thanks to a few of you for participating in a discussion and a related exercise. The main slides relating to that are here: small groups slides (620 downloads) , updated now with the three introductory slides I used. I’ve also added the booklet on ‘personal tutoring’ which I wrote with colleagues from Leeds Met some time ago. personal tutoring (744 downloads) .

Great working with you, and thanks for looking after us so well.