UWE: workshop on SFHEA and PFHEA: 14th January 2015

Here are the main slides I used, and some I did not use, relating to applying to the HEA online for the ‘experience’ route towards Senior and Principal Fellowships. The slides are password-protected, using the word you suggested. UWE 14th January (752 downloads) The slides were devised using materials from the HEA website, and from other things we gathered from a number of sources. We haven’t yet made it clear which are our advice and which are ‘official’, but when we’ve finished putting together a working set of slides, we’ll both publish it on our websites.

You were a great group to work with, and well done for completing significant elements of your respective applications. The sooner you finish off the task, the better it will be (while you still recall all the discussions we had). I wish you all the best for now pressing on to get your award – you’re fortunate in the institutional support you have (not least the fee).