Trip to South Wales: 17th-20th November

I’ll be in South Wales for most of this week, with my wife Sally Brown. On Wednesday 18th, we’ll be at the University of South Wales (back to my old stamping ground, where I worked from 1971-1995), helping to launch the ETC Toolkit (which you can get from The main slides I used in my morning keynote on ‘Energising Students in Large Groups’ can be downloaded here. USW keynote (544 downloads) . Sorry I couldn’t include the pictures – file size – but should anyone wish to have the full works, including the ‘museum of antiquities’ slides, just email me for them! You were a splendid audience – well done for joining in so well, and for all the Tweets.
On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th we’ll be at the SEDA Conference in Cardiff.
On Sally’s website, ( you can download her afternoon keynote presentation at USW, and materials from her workshop at the SEDA Conference.