Facilitating and Assessing Group Work: University of South Wales 21st June


I’m delighted to be asked back to USW Faculty of Creative Industries to give a keynote on ‘Assessing Group Work’.   Here is my chapter on group work from ‘The Lecturer’s Toolkit’ (which was virtually unchanged in the 2015 4th edition) Making small-group teaching work (971 downloads) . Also downloadable here is Graham Gibbs’ excellent paper on ‘The assessment of group work’ published by the ASKe CETL in 2009 groupwork-gibbs-dec-09.pdf (594 downloads) . Here now are the main slides I actually used at the keynote:  USW-June-2016-w.pptx (524 downloads) Troublesome train journey back home: train turned back round just short of Derby, and dumped us all back at Birmingham (and went on South to Guildford!), where we were left to the mercy of heaving, late trains North. Arrived at Newcastle over 3 hours late!