Workshop for NTF Aspirants: Leeds Beckett University: 23rd March

I enjoyed leading this workshop today, with participants consisting of colleagues from Leeds Beckett, Leeds University, Bradford University, Salford University, Bolton University, Sheffield University, the Open University, Doncaster College, and Cumbria University, and with Cathy Brown representing the HEA, and hosted by Professor Ruth Pickford (NTF). I ran this on behalf of the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows. The CANTF slides I used are attached here:  ANTF-prospective-NTFs-2017-New-Deadline-pr2.pptx (514 downloads)
Participants thought of the following great questions, which we tried our hardest to address and answer:

  • Does the marking scheme apply in the same way to each of the three criteria i.e. impact internally and externally?
  • How can excellence be evidenced?
  • What is meant by ‘show us rather than tell us?’ What would that look like in practice?
  • What examples of excellence are beyond the day job?
  • What is the success rate for applications? How many apply and how many are awarded?
  • How many achieve NTF on second application?
  • How can we standardise outstanding?
  • What more can the HEA do to assist institutional contacts and nominees (from HEA Rep)?
  • What is acceptable in terms of evidence from colleagues?
  • What are the key common characteristics of successful/unsuccessful applications?
  • If each section is read separately do you have to repeat context scene setting?
  • Please provide clarification of what ‘the student voice’ looks like in an exceptional NTF application?
  • Is there a requirement for the scope of impact of a practitioner’s work?
  • I need a better understanding of what ‘five points’ and ‘outstanding’ means
  • How many initiatives should be discussed in each section or is one long project okay?
  • What are reviewers looking for in terms of distinctive practice?
  • What do we need to do to support a series and succession planning for applications year on year?

I hope the workshop helps aspirants to achieve NTFs this year or next year – and good luck.