Swansea University: School of Management: September 7th

Thank you for making me so welcome today, especially to Mark and Marie. One apology: the materials I borrowed from my better half Sally come from No.13 on the slides of sources, rather than No.17 (as she reminded me tonight).
Here are most of the main slides we used, not in the order we used them – as you know, I dipped and dived all over the place during the day.  Swansea-2017-7w.pptx (576 downloads) I had to edit out the pictures and video clips to make the file size fit onto my website.
When I return on the 21st, my morning session will run in roughly the same order, but I will choose different workshop activities, so those present on the 7th please expect some new slides on the 21st, and for those on the 21st, please have a look at the slides posted on the 7th to get the best of both worlds.
Looking forward to my family weekend in Wales, and to returning on the 21st.