Busy week, including a 30-minute Tweetchat!

On Thursday night (after the AHE Conference in Manchester on the 28th June), Sally and I will be travelling across to Oulton Hall in Yorkshire with a contingent of 20 UK and US assessment experts for 36 hour invitational seminar where we will be unpicking the differences and similarities between American and British perspectives on assessment, with a view to future collaborations and publications. Lots of National Teaching Fellows will be taking part including Fabio D’Arico, Kay Sambell, Margaret Price, Peter Hartley, Naomi Winston, Tansy Jessop, Susan Orr, Mark Schofield, Sally Brown and me! Thanks so much to Keston Fulcher and Nick Curtis of James Maddison University for involving us in making the arrangements for this.

We will be tweeting from the event and invite colleagues to join us between 6.30 and 7.00 pm on Friday 29th on the hashtag #AngloUsAssessSummit in response to the following three questions:

  1. ​​What differences have you noticed between the way Americans and British people talk about assessment?
  2. Do you think there are key structural differences between the ways in which we work on assessment, or are our principles very similar?
  3. Can you identify any literature, research or projects that would be particularly helpful; to either US or UK colleagues or both (and why do you say that?)

Do join in if you are free at that time.