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Please note that all downloads on my website are free. If you have any trouble getting them, please let me know by emailing me at

Workshops Prospectus 2014-15
Please download a booklet giving examples of a range of workshop programmes I run. I am pleased to custom-build specific programmes including particular elements you may like, so feel free to use this prospectus as a starting point. Workshops Prospectus 2014-15 (2087) Note that I have re-named the masterclass ‘Making Learning Happen in the digital age” after the title of my most popular book, on which it is based. 

‘Ripples’ model of learning: seven factors underpinning successful learning
This download consists of the slides showing the development of this model, now written up in Chapter 2 of the 2nd edition of ‘Making Learning Happen’ published by Sage in 2010. Ripples model seven factors (23647)

‘In at the Deep End: Arabic translation’
I wrote this booklet for new lecturers while working part-time at Leeds Met, who also organised a translation into Arabic. You can download the translation here: In at the deep end: Arabic translation (170). Here also is the English version In at the Deep End: English version (769)

Compendium of my writings on assessment
I’m running a lot of workshops on assessment nowadays, and I hope this compendium of extracts from various of my books will be useful to participants and to others. Assessment compendium (9485)

Making learning outcomes work
Here (again) is my little piece on learning outcomes. Thanks to many readers of this site who have given me really useful feedback on it. Making learning outcomes work (7283)

I’ve also now added some bits from various of my books on learning outcomes, including arguments for not using words like ‘understanding’ in them. There is some overlap between the tips from my different books from different publishers. extracts on learning outcomes (4117)

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