ANTF Symposium 2016

What a great event – thanks to all who made this happen. Here are the main slides (with a link to some others) I used at my workshop on ‘Playing to learn – or learning to play?’, including all of your great post-it completions.  ANTF-Phil-2016-w3.pptx (487 downloads) . Here also are the slides Sally, Peter and I used in our session for prospective NTFs on Day 2:  ANTF-prospective-NTFs-w.pptx (463 downloads) . Photo below with thanks to Eve and Ravenscroft.  March2016_ANTF_mounted.jpg (469 downloads)
PS: I’ve now added a little piece about the ‘ANTF16 jar’ with a brief explanation of my three chosen objects.  Phils-antf-jar.docx (466 downloads)