University of Birmingham: Chemistry: 14th December

I thoroughly enjoyed my day working with you – and particular thanks to Natalie Rowley, NTF for looking after me throughout the day. Here are the combined slides for the two sessions I ran, as usual without most of the pictures and links (my max file size is 2Mb, hence some necessary trimming). Birmingham-2016-ww.pptx (552 downloads)
As you can tell, I got home successfully, and only 4 minutes late – well done, Crosscountry. However, the train was jam-packed full, and it took me 5 different seats to reach Newcastle (sad,
Crosscountry – there’s feedback for you). I wish you all well in tackling the issues we raised – and of course a great Christmas and fulfilling 2017.
This is most likely me ‘over and out’ for this year, so all best wishes to anyone else who reads this.