Solstice Conference: Edge Hill University: 7th-8th June

(Updated 9th June)
I hugely enjoyed being at this Conference again. The main slides from my morning session on 7th June are here: Edge-Hill-Solstice-2018-w.pptx (476 downloads) (with my typo spotted by Peter duly corrected of course).
Here is a transcript of the great collection of ‘what I’d like’ on blue post-its:  What-Id-like....docx (451 downloads) .
After the conference, I transcribed your inspiring range of ‘else’ ideas on the yellow post-its, and they are here:  what-else-can-we-do.docx (534 downloads)

Thanks for all the sessions I attended – so sorry to miss the parallel ones –  I learned all sorts of things with you all. Finally, I’d like to add the wonderful graphic Sarah Wright circulated on Twitter – this is just brilliant. Do go to  @Sarah__wright1 on Twitter for the original version to appreciate how good it is.